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5 Quick Tips for Water Smart Landscaping

Landscaping and gardening account for a significant fraction of seasonal water use. Outdoor water use ranges from an average of 30 % to 60% in hot dry seasons. Environmental concerns have prompted homeowners to adopt smarter ways of managing outdoor water use. Here are some tips on how to use this resource effectively in your yard, and how North County Supply could possibly help.

Plants Suited to Local Conditions

In San Diego, the climate allows you to grow plants for your yard virtually all year round. September to December is considered to be the best times. However, it is wise to consider using plants that are suited to your local area. This allows you to manage water consumption during the drought season.

Some of the plants you that are suited for the San Diego region include;

  1. Rosemary for groundcover

  2. Bougainvillea as an ornamental vine

  3. Muhlenbergia species of grass

  4. Desert Museum as a shade tree

Have Watering Zones

Different plants in your yard will have varying water needs. For example, Shrubs tend to have a deep root system which means they consume more water than flowers. Having different water zones for different types of plants can help to reduce overwatering and inadequate watering in your garden.

Water Wisely

Avoid watering your plants when the sun is high at midday. Between 10 am and 2 pm is considered the worst time to water plants due to heat and evaporation. The ideal time is in the morning before 10 am. Plants need water to make food through photosynthesis; therefore watering later in the evening is discouraged.


If you’ve not been mulching, you need to consider doing it regularly. It has many benefits for your garden. It reduces runoff and therefore saves water. It prevents evaporation and allows for deeper water penetration. Mulch also reduces the growth of weeds competing with other plants. North County Supply has a varity of mulches available.

Healthy Soils

The importance of healthy soils is often underestimated when it comes to water-smart landscaping. Healthy soils prevent water runoff. They reduce the risk of waterlogged soils and enhance the health of plants in your yard. If you need to add nutrients to your soil North County Supply has a variety of soil amendments that could be incorporated.

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