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Bioretention Soil & Mulch 
Now Available at North County Supply!

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Embrace bioretention soil and mulch, a sustainable and effective solution for managing stormwater, improving local biodiversity, and combating urban heat islands. Not only can these environmentally-friendly practices enhance soil fertility and the beauty of green spaces, but they also play a vital role in reducing water consumption and fostering ecological balance.

Bioretention Soil & Bioretention Mulch San Diego County and Southern California.


At North County Supply, our goal is to provide quality products for all of our customers. We’re a locally-minded company who cares about our customers having a great experience. Whether we’re delivering to you or you visit our location, we want you to enjoy our selection of top quality products, knowledgeable staff and fair pricing. Our customers range from Nurseries, School Districts, Cities, Counties, HOA’s, Artificial Turf / Synthetic Grass installation companies, Municipalities, Professional Landscapers and everyone in between.

Welcome to North County Supply


Planting Trees


Do you have excess materials that you need to get rid of? We recycle the following items for a fee :

  • Dirt

  • Clean Sod

  • Coffee Grounds

Call ahead and tell us about your material and whether you wish to drop it off or need help hauling.

Garden Soil
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