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San Diego Turf Replacement Rebate is Back

San Diego County is located in a dry semi-desert climate. During the hotter seasons, water use is bound to spike. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California wants residents and commercial premises to replace plants with local species. The authority is offering a $2 rebate to replace one square foot of grass. Homeowners will need to replace it with turf suited for the San Diego,semi-arid climate.

The water authority wants more residents to save water and boost their curb appeal at the same time, by adopting more sustainable plants. The semi-arid climate requires plants that can survive without water without excessive off seasonal watering. North County Supply has a variety of plant, mulch and rock options.

The last time Metropolitan Water District of Southern California was in 2014 and 2015. At the time, the state spent more than $340 million in rebates. Eventually, the program was stopped until April 2019.

Just like in the previous program, homeowners are encouraged to adopt Water Smart gardening and landscaping techniques. Even though there has been a higher amount of rainfall this time, the water authority wants residents to adjust. These adjustments will help mitigate the water crisis in the long term.

Homeowners can apply through the Be Water Wise website. They will be required to show their landscaping plan when making the application. Photographs of the turf area and your water bill will also be requested.

The turf replacement program seeks to achieve water use reduction and sustainability through rainwater retention, filtration, and irrigation modification. This year, you will also be required to have a stormwater retention feature.

You will also be required to replace overhead spray sprinklers to more efficient ones. These replacement sprinklers spray water more uniformly across the turf. According to the Metropolitan, these changes can reduce water consumption by up to 20%. There is a $2 rebate offered to homeowners who are seeking to change a minimum of 30 nozzles. Contact North County Supply and see how they can help. (844) 940-0900.

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