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Exhibition and Education Opportunities ASLA Expo 2019

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is to be held in San Diego in November 2019. The society describes its mission as educating, leading, and participating in careful planning, stewardship, and artful design. The annual expo draws more than 6000 attendees and close to 400 exhibition stands.

The event encourages a wide range of people to participate. From students to professionals with established landscaping companies. If you are a student or want to acquire new skills, you can take advantage of the more than 120 education opportunities offered. Businesses may join hundreds of other exhibitors in what is described as one of the biggest expos in the industry.

Education Opportunities

The 2019 expo will provide sessions where attendees can exploit more than 120 varying education opportunities. The sessions are designed such that the short courses can be completed in four days.

Attendees can gain information and skills by attending different types of sessions such as:

  1. Opening and Closing Sessions: Get to listen to some of the most distinguished keynote speakers in the industry. These sessions are designed to inspire, educate, and to share ideas.

  2. Field Sessions: Guests will interact with professionals in field sessions. These sessions are designed to give real practical experience to go with the skills.

  3. Deep Dive Sessions: Designed to explore certain landscaping topics in depth. These sessions start early on the first day and last for four hours.

  4. Professional Practice Network: This session allows for landscapers to network and find a mentor. Every PPN session will be conducted by a professional with specific expertise and specialization.


Exhibitors will get the chance to promote their products and services to thousands of people attending the conference. If you are an exhibitor you can book a booth from the ASLA website. You can find information on their website, on how to promote your stand and how to plan your stand. North County Supply will be attending, will you be there?

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