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Many Advantages of Mulch Blowing for Commercial Property

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Many Advantages of Mulch Blowing for Commercial Property

Mulch blowing uses a truck specialized with hoses for the purpose of “blowing” mulch onto landscapes. In many cases, this service is appropriate but there are other where it is not. Mulch blowing trucks are a great help when using on hillsides, or in large areas where it would take several days or perhaps weeks to mulch by hand.

Mulch blowing trucks install more than one hundred cubic yards of mulch a day. However, rates are sometimes higher for beds containing only a small amount of plant material. This high rate with a mulch blower truck makes mulching commercial flower beds easy.

Mulch Blower Service Advantages for Commercial Property

Beautiful Appearance

The finished appearance from mulch blower application is superior when compared to the traditional manual method. You can expect a flawless result, with a smooth finish that enhances any landscape design.

Tough Terrain

Rigid or steep hills, under hedges, and over fences are just some locations mulch can be applied easily with a blower truck. These trucks are designed with extensive hosing allowing any tough areas to be reached with ease.

Weed Control

Mulch when applied to the correct depth, denies sunlight to weed seedlings preventing their growth. This will help to prevent weeds in your landscaping.

Managed Temperature

Plants are protected from drastic changes in temperature when mulch is applied. Soil temperatures are able to be kept cool while slowing down water evaporation in summer, or in the winter roots are prevented from freezing.

Compaction Prevention

Soil can compact and prevent the growth of plants due to falling water. Mulch prevents this from happening by breaking the fall. Two to four inches of properly placed mulch delivers immediate results for erosion control.


Even application from a mulch blower truck saves on the amount of material needed, resulting in lower costs.

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