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Benefits of Playground Chips

Benefits of Playground Chips At North County Supply, we offer a host of products and services for all of your landscaping needs. One of the products we offer is certified playground chips. This is becoming a growing trend among many schools and playgrounds and there are several reasons why. There are many benefits to using playground chips, and here are just a few.

Easily Maintained Certified playground chips are very easy to maintain. These chips do not attract insects and any dangerous debris such as broken glass or other harmful items can be easily detected as they stay on top of the chips. Playground chips also repel moisture which can prevent mold and you don’t have to worry about anyone slipping and falling after a heavy rain. All you need for maintenance is to visually check for debris and rake any loose chips back into the playground area.

Shock Absorbency Another benefit of certified playground chips is that they have good shock absorbency. The fibers of the chips provide a good amount of cushioning so children can run and play without pounding their little feet on the pavement all day, while still providing adequate support. The chips also make for softer landing spots should anyone fall.

Certified The playground chips we offer at North County Supply are fully certified and tested, giving you confidence that you are purchasing a quality product. The testing process is detailed and the chips are thoroughly tested in order to provide a product that is durable and the best available on the market. The American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials has certain standards they require each product to meet before certification. There are many factors to consider during the certification process such as the purity of the substance, shock absorbency, etc. If you are ready to improve your playground give North County Supply a call to get started!

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