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Water Conservation

Most cities and states have taken action to conserve the water in their area and San Diego, California is no exception. Throughout the years, San Diego has seen several droughts such as the one in 1841 and stretching all the way to recent times. Some of the droughts have even been reported to last anywhere from ten to twenty years. The most recent drought, that has happened within the past year, has caused several problems with the land and the people that occupy the area. San Diego County, being a very populated area, has millions of people it needs to supply water for. It is also a major agricultural area and with the drought and certain water restrictions, it has taken a toll on the people. There are several mandatory water restrictions that have been put into effect to protect the water in San Diego County. For instance, you can only water at certain times, you must eliminate runoff from irrigation systems, repair leaks within seventy-two hours, etc. This can put a strain on people’s grass, plants, gardens, and any other vegetation that might need more water that is allowed. This is where you can use certain soil amendments to help keep the moisture in the soil. Doing so can help keep plants alive and even help them live longer. Using top dressing in your fields, gardens, grass, and plants can reduce the amount of water evaporated from the soil. North County Supply has been serving Southern California since 2008 and offers several different products including soil amendments and top dressing. They also have trucks, roll-off bins, and a blower truck service that can help bring your soil amendments and top dressings to you depending on how much you need. Between their team, there is over fifty years’ experience and they have extensive knowledge of each of the products. With this being said, they can answer any questions you may have and can help you pick out the right product to keep the moisture in your soil. This way you can continue to follow the water restrictions in San Diego County.

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