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Enhance Your Landscape with These Simple Tips

Your home or commercial landscaping can provide years of beauty. In fact, it can also increase the value of your property if you ever consider selling. Using some basic landscaping supplies and these tips, you can achieve a great improvement to your landscaping.

Add Trees

One way to enhance your landscape is to add trees. Trees immediately change your landscape. They soothe the eyes, focus attention, and provide diversity. There are countless types of trees. However, be sure to choose a species that compliments your property, whether narrow and tall, wide and short, or with small, delicate leaves, or large leaves. You want to consider the California climate as well as the seasonal changes, the projected growth of the tree, spacing, and maintenance requirements.

Plant Shrubs

Not only do shrubs offer visual aesthetics, but they also offer function. There are numerous varieties available. Short shrubs can provide your property with borders. For privacy, consider tall shrubs. Moreover, shrubs are known for low maintenance requirements, hardiness, as well as tolerance for assorted climates.

Include High-Quality Bark and Soil

Adding high-quality bark and soil to specific areas of your property can help condition the yard. In addition to offering support to your plant root systems, North County Supply’s soil can provide aesthetic beauty to garden bed areas. Bark mulch encourages moisture, suppresses weeds, and helps protect the roots of plants. North County Supply mulch helps with the composition of your property’s soil.

Include a Water Feature

Any environment is immediately transformed by the presence of water. Water is calming, and soothing. A water feature with a waterfall or a fountain adds comforting, soft sounds. North County Supply offers a wide variety of landscaping materials to enhance your commercial or residential landscape. For more information, contact us today!

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