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Benefits of Using a Blower Truck to Mulch

Benefits of Using a Blower Truck to Mulch Mulching is increasingly gaining popularity with gardens in both rural and urban areas. It has numerous benefits, from controlling the loss of moisture from the soil, keeping pests at bay, and preventing soil erosion. If you are looking to mulch your garden you should consider the services of a blow truck for the following reasons:

Speeds Up Work Mulch blowing is where a specialized blow truck is used to blow mulch in between the plants in your garden. It is important to note that this method of mulching is particularly suitable for planting beds with large areas, or on beds located on a slope.

The main advantage of mulch blowing is speed. A blower truck can blow in place a hundred or more cubic yards of mulch per day. This can reduce the amount of time is spent in the garden. You don’t have to spend the whole weekend mulching or have hired labor spend days working around your home.

Quality Installation A blower truck not only works faster but is also more effective in the application of mulch. With a blower truck, the application can be done more uniformly on a larger area. There is a reduced risk of getting unwanted debris in the garden.

Additionally, blower trucks have horses that are hundreds of feet long. That means mulch can be applied in areas of your garden where it would be difficult to pass a wheelbarrow through. You will also avoid ruining your yard with constant foot traffic trying to get the wheelbarrow around tricky spots.

Blower installations are also advantageous in that there is no leftover material left to clean. Only what is needed to cover your yard is applied and the rest remains in the truck. Blower trucks can also be used to spread soil and compost amongst other landscaping tasks.

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